Any Worker, and especially a Worker that has a moderate to high THC tolerance, that uses any Cannabis / Marijuana substance is always at risk of being in violation of the blood drug levels, related to the operation of a motor vehicle or other conveyance, that are defined in Criminal Code and other Legislation as applicable for each geographical region.

At Employer locations where Workers are allowed to consume Cannabis / Marijuana on their off duty hours, some Workers may develop a THC tolerance as repeated activation of type 1 (CB1) receptors can cause desensitization. Workers that have a moderate to high THC tolerance may not present with as much THC related cognitive function impairment after use of a Cannabis / Marijuana substance containing THC as compared to a Worker with low THC tolerance after their use of a Cannabis / Marijuana substance containing THC.

A Worker with moderate to high THC tolerance from smoking and vaping Cannabis / Marijuana substances can still be impaired by their use of other Cannabis / Marijuana substances including edibles, CO2 oil extracts, distillates, dry sift, ice water hash, bubble hash, rosin, shatter, wax, pull and snap concentrates, or other Cannabis / Marijuana substances.

A Worker with moderate to high THC tolerance could also abstain from their exposure to THC for a few days and return to a low THC tolerance state which could result in immediate cognitive function impairment with the Worker’s next use of a substance containing THC.

A Worker with a moderate to high THC tolerance can have cognitive function impairment from other factors such as extreme heat exposure, extreme cold exposure, fatigue, mental health conditions, physical conditions, substance use, over the counter medication use, prescribed medication use, and the potential non-therapeutic side effects of an in use prescribed medication, or other substance, that is not metabolising at predicted rates due to competition with the in use cannabinoids for first-pass metabolism in the liver.

Quick Test™ can assist the Employer with an “in the moment” assessment of a Worker’s cognitive function status for all of the potential scenarios related to Workers that state that they have a high THC tolerance and for all of the other combined factors that can cause cognitive function impairment.