Safe, Secure, Proven, and Reliable

Quick Test™ is a proven cognitive function assessment tool that is in use by professional sports teams and medical professionals around the world as a post head injury concussion assessment tool. Quick Test™ is now in use by Employers in North America to assess a Worker’s cognitive function status when impairment is suspected in the

Minimal Staff Training

Quick Test™ requires minimal staff training for use in the workplace. Quick Test™ can be conducted in English, Español (Spanish), Français du Canada (Canadian French), Português do Brasil (Brazilian Portuguese), Italiano (Italian), Nederlands (Dutch), and Deutsch (German). Employer Authorized End Users that conduct a Quick Test™ assessment with the Worker are able to view the

Immediate Actionable Results

Quick Test™ is not diagnostic, it provides percentile results for memory, attention, and motor speed that are determined from the age referenced normative data set. This allows non-medical Persons at the Employer location to complete the Quick Test™ assessment with the Worker and view the results. Quick Test™ assesses the brain to determine the cognitive

Baseline Testing Not Required

Quick Test™ does not require a baseline assessment to be completed. Quick Test™ determines results from a scientifically validated age referenced normative data set. Quick Test™ is only performed on an iPad due to the high tolerances and consistencies of touch screen response and standardized screen sizes across all iPad devices. Quick Test™ is performed

Cost Effective

The current Licence Agreement available from Impairment Test, a Division of HD Occupational Health Services Corporation, allows the Employer to complete an unlimited number of Quick Test™ assessments for a set fee structure in the Licence Agreement. This reduces and controls the Employer costs related to training and the use of Quick Test™ during the