Financial Stress and Other Stressors

Activation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis as a result of stress initiates a release of hormones and neurotransmitters in the brain that alters executive functions in the prefrontal cortex which can cause a decrease in working memory. Quick Test™ can assist the Employer with an “in the moment” assessment of a Worker’s cognitive function status


Most Workers and Supervisors have experienced some form of fatigue that alters their brain functions. Fatigue and sleepiness can cause cognitive function impairment including decreased motor functions, impaired attention, decreased concentration, and decreased working memory functions. For example, during an Oil and Gas Turnaround a Worker in a safety sensitive position just switched to nights

Extreme Heat Exposure

Extreme heat events are becoming more frequent in all geographical areas. Fires of all types are increasing in intensity and duration in many geographical areas. All Workers that perform any type of safety sensitive duties are at now at some risk during the summer months of working in an extreme heat environment. Stresses to the

Extreme Cold Exposure

Any Worker that is exposed to cold temperatures can suffer from cognitive function impairment in motor speed, working memory, reaction time, verbal speech communications, and other executive functions. Cognitive function impairment can be worse with longer durations of cold exposure, colder temperature exposures, wind chill effects, high relative humidity, ineffective protective clothing, less than adequate

Substance use, Mental Health, and Physical Conditions

Supervisors are primarily responsible for ensuring that Workers are providing the products and/or services that are required by the Employer to meet the needs of the Client.Supervisors in many regions are now a named entity in Legislation for their work location with requirements for the Supervisor to protect the health and safety of all of